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NYC Professional Videography

• Perfect for introductory videos for client-facing professionals, Q&A videos, training seminars or presentations, musical performances, fitness, or other needs you may have. 

• I have a portable "studio" to bring the lighting, audio, and other necessary gear to your location. I can film, edit, and provide your videos in up to 4K resolution.

• Please contact me to discuss your project in more detail, and I look forward to being your videographer!

(Note that these may be short representative snippets, and may not be the complete videos)

Non-Profit Fundraiser

2-camera interviews

B-roll with gimbal

On-screen graphics, background music

Political Candidate Introduction

2-camera interview

Incorporating b-roll and client-provided stills

Music Promo

B-roll and live music performance footage, with branding graphics.

Synced to studio music track.

Handheld gimbal + static camera.

Fitness Demonstration

Part of a series of short videos demonstrating fitness techniques

Filmed on a gimbal

Incorporating stock music and client logo

Corporate Interview

2-camera corporate interview.

Incorporated client-provided conference footage.

Includes stock video, custom graphics, and background music.

Filmed on location with 2 cameras, audio, and teleprompter.

Corporate Overview Video

Sit-down interview and on-location b-roll in a moving car.

Incorporating stock footage and music, and custom on-screen graphics.

Corporate Introduction

Series of corporate videos introducing senior leadership to new hires.

Logo reveal, background music.

Filmed on-location with small 1-camera setup, backdrop, audio, and teleprompters.

Live Music Performance

Static tripod + handheld gimbal

Synced to live track from audio engineer

Non-Profit Overview Video

Series of 2-camera interviews.

Incorporating b-roll and still photography shot on-location (along with some client-provided content).

On-screen graphics include captions for Spanish translation.

Music Performance

Elle Varner performance live in intimate, low-light venue

Handheld gimbal + static camera

Multicamera edit

Social Media Clips

Series of four, 1-2 minute videos produced for social media (played here in sequence)

Custom on-screen graphics

Background Music

Filmed on-location with a small, 1-camera setup

School Tour Video

Interview-style introduction

Voice-over narration with overlayed b-roll footage

Live Lecture

2-camera video of a live speaking presentation.

Incorporating client-provided stills.

Live Panel Discussion

2-camera video of a live panel discussion

Basic graphics overlay

B-Roll / Teaser Video

Stylized Product Videography

Soundtrack, Special Effects

Student Interview

Sit-down interview video

Cut-aways to campus b-roll and stills

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