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Videography Services in NYC now available!

• Perfect for introductory videos for client-facing professionals, Q&A videos, training seminars or presentations, fitness, or other needs you may have. Here is a campaign announcement video as an example.

• I have a portable "studio" to bring the lighting, audio, and other necessary gear to your location. I can film, edit, and provide your videos in up to 4K resolution.

• Please contact me to discuss your project in more detail, and I look forward to being your videographer!

Videography Portfolio

(Note that these are generally short representative snippets, and may not be the complete videos)

Corporate Introduction

Series of corporate videos introducing senior leadership to new hires.

Logo reveal, background music.

Filmed on-location with small 1-camera setup, backdrop, audio, and teleprompters.

Social Media Clips

Series of four, 1-2 minute videos produced for social media (played here in sequence)

Custom on-screen graphics

Background Music

Filmed on-location with a small, 1-camera setup

School Tour Video

Interview-style introduction

Voice-over narration with overlayed b-roll footage

Talking Head Video

2-camera sit-down interview


Small introduction to my services

B-Roll / Teaser Video

Stylized Product Videography

Soundtrack, Special Effects

Student Interview

Sit-down interview video

Cut-aways to campus b-roll and stills

Fitness Trainer Interview

Sit-down interview style

On-screen graphics

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